December 04, 2011


  Sunday is the only day that i don't need to be in a hurry to have my breakfast
Pazar günleri koşturmadan kahvaltı yapabildiğim tek gün

 Yerterday i went shopping and got these i didnt try them on i was so tired later when i got home tried them on but  none of them looked good on me,crease skirts are not easy to wear.

Dün alışverişe gittim ve bunları aldım,yorgun olduğum için denememiştim ama eve gelip denediğimde pek beğenmedim yakışmadılar.Pileli etekleri giymek kolay değil gerçekten.



From twist

i've found this gorgeous   pancho on etsy

Behati is super cute in this outfit

                                                  i want this turquoise-gold ring which Liv is wearing

 Also this gold cornelian ring which Laetitia is wearing i am craving for these two rings like ages...

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