July 25, 2012

Amazing Gwen

Tonight i saw 'the amazing spider man' movie and i love Peter's first love Gwen(Emma Stone)'s style in the movie.Love her pretty headbands and amazing boots.Also i heart her look at the end of the movie where she's wearing a baret.She looks so cute.Personally i think Emma Stone looks more beautiful with blonde hair.

photos via google and tumblr

July 23, 2012

Summertime sadness...

photo by eliz

Life's getting complicated.These are the times i need my dad most.These are the times i wanna live like nothing's important,just don't give a damn...Need to empty my mind cause all thoughts make me tired.

Hayat gitgide karmaşık bir hal alıyor;en çok babamı bu zamanlarda yanımda istiyorum yoklugunu en çok bu zamanlarda hissediyorum.İşin içinden çıkamayacağım durumlar olduğunda...Bazen hiçbir şey önemli değilmiş gibi yaşayabilmeyi istiyorum.Önemsememeyi...Çünkü bu düşünceler beni yoruyor...

 ♫ Lana Del Rey-Summertime sadness ♫

July 17, 2012

Tweed jackets

There are some nice chanel inspired tweed jackets at zara,

and these two are what i got from zara

the navy-red one was on sale,and the white-blue one is from new season.

images via google,whi,zaraonline

July 16, 2012

Topshop 'factory girl' collection

60s are coming back this fall with cute loafers.It's time to look simple and stylish and for me its time to get a tweed jacket already.

July 15, 2012


Noot Seear,one of the coolest models,love her tattoo.

sunday picks

I can't imagine a summer without;

flip flops and a bikini

a floral jumpsuit


the beach and the sound of waves in the morning of course

a hair bun like erin's is the perfect choice for summer.

 and the list goes on...
* today is extremely hot,i miss the rain..
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