April 30, 2012

Playing fashion

 pretty girls in front of Robert Harper's lens for playing fashion magazine.

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April 28, 2012

Girl Interrupted

''In the parallel universe the laws of physics are suspended.
What goes up does not necessarily come down, a body at rest does not tend to stay at rest and not every action can be counted on to provoke an equal and opposite reaction.
Time, too, is different. It may run in circles, flow backwards, skip about from now to then, The very arrangement of molecules is fluid: Tables can be clocks, faces, flowers''Susanna Kaysen

Girl Interrupted(1999) is an adaptation of Susanna Kaysen's memoir .About a girl staying at a mental institution for 18 months in 60s.Movie is amazing also the cast;angelina(won an academy award for her role), winona and of course Brittany she was so talented.If you haven't seen it yet i strongly suggest.
An interesting note is about the hospital which Susanna Kaysen had stayed :Mclean Hospital is known for some number of famous people including Ray Charles,John Nash,Sylvia Plath(my favourite poet).

Girl Interrupted filmi(1999),Susanna Kaysen in  60 lı yıllarda; gençken yaşadığı bunalım nedeniyle Mclean Kliniğinde geçirdiği 18 ayı anlatıyor.Bu kliniğinde ilginç yanı benzer psikolojik problemler yaşayan ünlülerin tedavi gördüğü yer olması ki bu kişiler arasında ünlü matematikçi John Nash,Ray Charles ve benim en sevdiğim kadın şair ve kısa öykü yazarı Sylvia Plath te var.Film çok çarpıcı Angelina jolie nin en iyi performansı zaten oscar kazanmış bu roluyle.Winona nın tarzı ve oyunculuğuna da hayran kaldım,Brittany gencecik cok yetenekli.Eğer izlemediyseniz tavsiye ederim kendinizden birseyler bulabileceğiniz harika bir film.
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April 27, 2012

The English home shopping

These are what i got from the english home.Sheets, newspaper rack,home fragrance etc.

April 24, 2012

young milla

Return to the blue lagoon movie stills including Milla jovovich.She is so young so beautiful i love her eyes .

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April 23, 2012

April 22, 2012

sunday picks

Aztec patterned nails.The owner of the  blog is so lovely i love her hair and looks.

Karlie kloss@ coachella,looking stunning.

I love nature

this floral pattern denim is from marks and spencers's limited collection.Shall wait the sales?

Summer is on the way, smooties are good alternatives for hot days and this blender is looking  practicable to prepare delicious smooties.

Have a great sunday.xoxo